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WP Congress is the Most Powerful Voter Education Plugin for WordPress

Add bill tracking, congressional scorecards, legislator lookup tools, and more!
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Robust Features and Voter Education Tools in One Easy-to-Use WordPress Plugin

WP Congress has everything you need to keep your supporters informed about the federal legislation issues that matter most to your nonprofit organization.

Congressional Scorecards

Show your supporters where legislators stand on the bills that matter most to your organization.

District Boundary Maps

Create and add clickable district boundary maps to your content and engage supporters in advocacy for their region.

Easy Bill Tracking

Monitor important bills from introduction all the way through Congress.

Vote Search & Legislator Lookup

Empower supporters with interactive tools designed to keep them informed and educated about select bills.

Deep Site Integration

Data from WP Congress uses your website branding.

Built In Shortcodes and Blocks

Increase engagement with interactive voter education tools that are easy to set up and use.

WP Congress is only $499 per year!

No monthly fees. Get everything you need to educate and engage your supporters with a legislative advocacy solution made specifically for WordPress sites.
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Get Connected: Turn Your Supporters Into Active Political Advocates

WP Congress makes it easy to add interactive voter education tools to your organization's website with blocks and shortcodes. Supporters will see at a glance when it is time to take action on issues that matter. The authoritative data from WP Congress helps you encourage letter writing campaigns, circulate petitions, and hold legislators accountable for their votes.
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Lead the Way: Become a Valuable Source of Information for Your Supporters

With WP Congress, your nonprofit advocacy website will be the best source of information for your cause. Empower users to take action instead of just talking about issues with everything you need to become a leader in advocacy for your supporters. Easily display important information, engage supporters with priority bills and issues directly on your site, and encourage your supporters to take action.

Integrate Fully: WP Congress  Works Like WordPress

Unlike other trackers that house your legislative center on their systems, with WP Congress everything lives right within WordPress. Easily import new bills from the WordPress admin and drop information anywhere you want on your site — like any other content. 

Of course, your WP Congress license purchase includes access to user guides, documentation and, as always, with WordPress's famous ease of use.
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WP Congress is Easy to Set Up and Use

  1. Install the WordPress Plugin and update its settings with free API keys from data providers.
  2. Import only the bills you care about. Members of Congress will be automatically imported based on those bills.
  3. Use shortcodes, blocks, and themeable templates to add WP Congress data and tools throughout your site.