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Frequently Asked Questions

Looking for support for your WP Congress WordPress Plugin? We’re here to help!

We’ve compiled a list of the most commonly asked questions below.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does this plugin show data specific to my state?
No, currently the plugin is only meant to work with federal legislation.
Can I style the pages to use my branding?
Yes, out of the box, the styling for any features will take your site's branding (fonts, colors, & formats). The markup of each page is very simple and is easy to style to create unique layouts and engage your supporters.
How often is the data updated?
Bills are updated daily. WP Congress imports new bill actions and votes. Scores are automatically calculated based on the new votes.
Do I get to determine which bills display on my site?
Yes. You have complete control over the data you import, and what information you display from that data.
Does WPCongress work on my existing site?
Yes, it will work on any standard WordPress site. The plugin contains shortcodes and blocks that make it easy to embed any feature on any page of your site.
Can I track bills without using the scorecard?
Yes, you can use CSS to hide the scorecard features, so the page displays a list of the bills you’re tracking and the legislator’s position on each issue.
Can I manually add bills or legislation that aren’t in the ProPublica import?
No, this is not currently a feature of WP Congress.
Where is the vote data coming from?
WP Congress uses ProPublica Congress API for all bill, vote and legislator data.
How often is the data updated on existing bills? Do I have to manually do anything?
Bills, votes and scores are updated daily. There is no need for manually updating.
What are ways others are using this plugin?
This plugin is for any organization that tracks federal legislation or public policy! You can use this plugin to track one specific bill, or even hundreds of different legislative priorities. The scorecard feature enables users to come back and engage with your issues.