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How It Works

WP Congress leverages data provided by free APIs from ProPublica and Google. To use the APIs, you’ll need to sign up for free accounts with those providers.

WP Congress uses the Congress API to retrieve federal legislation data from the U.S. House of Representatives and the U.S. Senate. This data includes:
  • Member data: Along with general biographical information for current and past members of Congress, the API returns data about members’ Congressional roles. Role data includes the Congress number and chamber, as well as the member’s title, state and party.
  • Bill data: Along with standard bill summaries and details, the API returns bill subjects, amendments and related bills. Bill information is available for bills from 1995 onward.
  • Vote data: Votes on bills, amendments, and so forth are available from 1995 for the House of Representatives and the Senate.

Most of the data in the ProPublica Congress API is updated daily, while votes are updated every 30 minutes.

After connecting the APIs, you can use the simple interface in the WordPress plugin dashboard to search for and import votes. When your votes are imported, the plugin will automatically import biographical information on every member of Congress who participated in that vote.

Use WP Congress to increase voter participation on issues that matter most by building a robust federal legislative information center on your site that includes pages for all the bills and votes you care about, all the representatives and senators who have been involved with those votes, and search forms and maps to help your supporters understand how their elected officials are doing.

Get started with WP Congress in three easy steps:

  1. Install the WordPress Plugin and add free API keys from data providers.
  2. Import the bills that matter most to your organization. Members of Congress will be auto-imported based on those bills.
  3. Use shortcodes, blocks, and themeable templates to integrate the data throughout your site.